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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  September 12, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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piece of luggage or that $6 box of m&ms that has about ten of them in it but for the airlines all those ticky-tacky costs add up to billions. the ridiculous amount of money they are making off of us and while you were sleeping, the red sox continued to be awesome! but that's not the whole story. the wild card race got a whole lot more interesting on this thursday edition of hueway. ♪ >> you know, i try to be objective in everything i do journalist journalistically but when it comes to the red sox, it's difficult. i'm sorry. they had an awesome win. good morning, brian shactman, september 12. a few other things to talk about including beer prices at nfl stadiums. you would not believe where they cost the most. it's actually kind of shocking based on the economy in that particular place. and how much would you pay to hang out with actress kristen
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stewart? for just 15 minutes? and i mean just talking. just talking. someone spent a lot of money. we'll have that for you in "the cooler." the crisis in syria but focus now on the new diplomatic push to eliminate the assad regime stockpile of chemical weapons. secretary of state john kerry in geneva with a team of arms control experts to begin talks with his russian counterpart but as the world watches to see if the air strikes will be averted the white house refusing to put a timetable on the negotiations. >> it obviously will take some time. there are technical aspects involved in developing a plan for securing syria's chemical weapons and verifying their location and putting them under international control. so i expect that this will take some time. but we also are not interested in delaying tactics and we believe it's very important to
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hold assad accountable. >> two nights ago president obama directly addressed the american people. now vladimir putin is doing the same thing. in a "new york times" op-ed written by the russian president he questions america's role as a superpower writing "it is alarming that military intervention in internal conflicts in foreign countries has become commonplace for the united states. is it in america's long-term interest, i doubt it. millions around the world increasingly see america not as a model of democracy but as relying solely on brute force, cobbling coalitions together under the slogan, you're either with us or against us." putin went on to say a strike would destabilize the middle east and openly mocked the president's closing remarks that america is exceptional. a white house official responded to the op-ed saying, president putin has invested his
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credibility in transferring assad's chemical weaponses to international control and ultimately destroying them. the world will note whether russia can follow through on that commitment." it's being reported the cia has begun delivering weapons to the syrian opposition. you know, one of the concerns in syria is that al qaeda is sending recruits into the country to join the fight. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel spoke to one of these fighters with the agreement we would not show his face. "if muslims are pressed and cannot defend themself, we have to support them." >> the united states is considering launching military strikes against syria. would that help you? [ speaking a foreign language ] >> translator: we have a prayer. oh, allah annihilate enemies by other enemies. ba slar is an enemy. america is an enemy. let theme fight. >> you're smiling. prescription drug phrase allah i'm happy.
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it was a dream to wage jihad to bleed for allah and no other. >> turkish residents are becoming concerned actually moved through their towns becoming a danger to their communities, as well. back here at home the nation's largest labor federation is going on the report for the very first time that obama care will be bad medicine for its union members. the afl-cio is stepping up its criticism of the health care law with a strongly worded resolution that demands changes. the resolution says costs will skyrocket for insurance plans that are join jointly run by unions and smaller companies leaving workers no choice but to drop coverage. a union official says the white house made strong pleas for the group not to speak out. unions were some of the biggest backers of the health care law when it was signed back in 2010. new jersey governor chris christie has signed into law what's nicknamed as the pot for
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tots bill. it gives them greater access to medical marijuana. he signed it after revisions that include requiring at least two doctors including a pediatrician to approve the treatment. it also makes sure that only children have access to edible forms of marijuana. critics say any law that promotes the use of mar juan in is reckless. turns out anthony weiner was right. he did come in first place in new york city's mayor race, well, may not have won the democratic primary but he did take home the honor of being the candidate who spent the most money per vote. here's the breakdown. weiner spent 148 bucks per vote, christine quinn, 40. bill thompson, 32 per vote and interestingly enough last but not least the winner bill de blasio, $20 per vote. it appears george zimmerman may have dodged another legal bullet as prosecutors struggle to build a domestic abuse case against him in the attack
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against his wife and father allegedly. they were banking on obtaining from an ipad at the scene. that may not happen according to authorities. >> at this point we do not have the tools available to effectively look at the video on the ipad. as it stands right now there will not be any charges any time soon without that ipad and that could be again week, months away. >> now, according to shellie zimmerman's divorce to end with a whimper, not a bang. they made a stunning confession online he killed a man in a drink driving accident. >> my name is matthew cordle. and on june 22nd, 2013 i hit and killed vincent canzani. this video will act as my confession. when i get charged, i will plead guilty and take full responsibility for everything
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i've done to vincent and his family. >> ironically despite that promise matthew cordle pleaded not guilty in a surprise courtroom maneuver. it allows him to get a new judge. the first judge is trying to game the system because of comments she made about his sentencing. he faces between two to 8 1/2 years in prison. his defense team says he will change his plea to guilty when the next judge is assigned to the case. yahoo! ceo marissa mayer opened up about its battle against nsa snooping. at a conference in san francisco here's her response when asked what would happen if the company did not cooperate with government requests? >> when you lose so we fought, we lost, if you don't comply, it's treason. we review it, scrutinize it, push back on a lot of requests from local government. we push back on requests in
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terms of the nsa. >> like a lot of other companies yahoo! is requesting more transparency from the u.s. government. now let's go to business stories here. later this morning we get a better look at the labor market with the weekly unemployment report. yesterday wall street closed mixed actually. the dow up 135 points. the s&p was up. but the nasdaq was negative. you might ask why. apple was down 5%, a major, major drag on the nasdaq. also verizon sold $49 billion worth of corporate debt yesterday. that's a record for the bond market. the move was part of the company's effort to finance a $130 billion buy-out of vodafone so they can take full ownership of verizon wireless and new analysis finds matching pay to performance is working. they exceeded goals more often than not and performance based stocks made up 27% of ceo compensation last year. finally the extra cost of flying, well, it's adding up.
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it's bad for us, good for the airline business. airlines reported get this $27 billion of nonfare revenue that includes extra baggage, additional legroom and onboard snacks. now, i'm not particularly sure we've been clambering for this but they're giving to us in 3d. steven spielberg will produce another jurassic park movie. it made us wonder. what moved would you like remade entirely new in 3d? use the ta# waytooclose and we' put the best answers on later. come here. i want to say welcome back. i've missed him taking off the top of his muffin and eating only that and putting the rest in a bag and throwing it at me. i missed the freshly squeezed orange juice you never share. >> why would i? i share nothing. >> good to have mr. barnicle back in the house. >> still ahead on "way too early," the cost of a cold one
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in your favorite ballpark. reveals the most expensive place to buy beer. later jimmy fallon is reprising his role as walter white. you wouldn't believe who can't wants to see him dead. that story and a check on weather if we can wake up bill karins. >> all that on a bite of blueberry muffin. saddam hussein's regime is a grave and gathering danger. to suggest otherwise is to hope against the evidence. ♪
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does. he basically sat down for four hour, gets off the bench and t hits the first pitch grand slam. sox win it, 7-3 and are out 9 1/2 games on the second place rays in the a.l. east. now, karins, would you be quiet? trying to do sport, please. baltimore, yankees tied in the ninth. robinson cano has a beautiful swing. karins, your mike is off. no one hears you but me. rivera gave up a run in the ninth but yanks hang on for a 5-4 victory that means with the rays losing and yankees winning leapfrog baltimore and cleveland and only one back in the wild card slot in the american league. that is just un -- >> where are the royals? >> you have yankees going to boston, by the way. not all good news for the yankees. derek jeter spent last night's game watching from the dugout. they put him back on the disabled list for what brian
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cashman says is to prevent further damage to his ankle. miami, brave, marlin, miami rookie pitcher jose fernandez does it with his bat. first career home run and watching that run, he had a little spit on third base and the brave, they didn't like that very much and you know what i like to say when this stuff happens, brian mccann says i didn't like that and jose says, i'm sorry. you didn't like. the benches say i don't like you. your team is terrible, miami. that's it. no punches thrown, no ejections and that was -- >> a pitcher hit a home run. >> i know. i think admiring a home run is okay. i doenn't know why hocking a lue by third base is bad news. the jets quarterback has a tear in his right shoulder and will likely have to have surgery. sanchez it's reckless to assume
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he's out for the season but sources say it's unlikely he will suit up for another game this year. >> shucks. >> you don't wish ill will on -- you're joust in my doghouse today ripping my red sox. he got hurt in the fourth quarter of a preseason game when the second string offensive line was in the lineup. here's one for you. another reason to stay home and watch your favorite nfl team. how about the price of beer? a study from says the detroit lions have the most expensive beer per ounce, 67 cents an ounce. that's 23 cents more than the and a half average. >> look at the panthers. barnicle said if you had to watch the lion, you would pay anything to get the beer. the cheapest in carolina. carolina panthers 27 cents an ounce, less than half of what it costs in detroit. mr. karins and weather. what do you want to talk about, rip the red sox, make fun of sanch
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sanchez. steal somebody's milk money. >> how much do you have on you? >> empty pockets. >> empty pockets. >> good. >> unfortunately, brian, have to talk about something more serious. boulder, colorado, beautiful place. they're vulnerable to flash floods. last night they got nailed. talking historic flash flooding in boulder and "the denver post" is reporting one fatality because of this. the campus is closed there today and we're still waiting for daylight to see how bad this flooding was but three homes have collapsed too and the water continues to rise reports of about two or three dams have been breached and the possibility of failure so big serious situation out there in boulder, colorado. yesterday, of course, it was 97 in boston. second hottest day of the entire summer was yesterday. today, though, we do have a chance of strong storms in new england and could have significant airport delays even new york, d.c., philly but it will be late today, like probably around dinnertime. >> yeah, hot, i tried to go for a run. coming up at the top of the hour, russian president vladimir putin takes to the op-ed pages
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to talk directly to the american meme. what he had to say and how it could impact the negotiations on syria. when we come back we huddle around the cooler. michele bachmann took a trip to egypt and jon stewart is wondering about her role as an ambassador. it ain't pretty. "way too early" will be right back. [ tires screech ] ♪ [ male announcer ] 1.21 gigawatts. today, that's easy. ge is revolutionizing power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software. using data predictively to help power entire cities. so the turbines of today... will power us all... into the future. ♪
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♪ on tuesday night president obama addressed the nation on syria. if you want to sound smart tell your friends 32 million viewers tuned in to the u.s. to watch. president obama's highest rated speech was the night osama bin laden was killed. that night 56 million americans tuned in. enough of the news. over to the cooler. mr. louis, good morning. a middle eastern spot was willing to pay for 15 minutes. that worked out to more than $33,000 a minute with stewart, harvey weinstein set it up to raise money for super storm sandy. an unidentified prince paid all in cash. i wish i had that kind of money. if you watch "breaking bad" you don't know saul goodman. take a look. >> let's not get lost in the who, what and whens.
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the point is we did our due diligence and she didn't talk. she kept quiet. she stood by you, walt, which if you ask me is the ironical silver lining here. i mean on the one hand, sure, she snuck off the reservation to get some dirty damp and deep -- >> you're fired. you're done. >> good. oh, boo-into, i won't cook meth anymore. you're a cry baby. who needs you. i'm unplugging the website. no more money laundering. >> i want those bugs out of my house today. i want them out now. >> you just bought a $300 suit. psycho! >> now, the attorney of the meth kingpin walter white is getting his own show. it will likely be called "better call saul." it will focus on the evolution of saul goodman's character before he became walter white's lawyer. not clear when the show will air but jimmy fallon is a big fan of
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"breaking bad" and "late night" did their own spoof. >> i hear you can move jokes. >> moving jokes is no obstacle. it all depends on the quality of the product. kim kardashian, she does have excessively large buttocks. we have a deal. i will purchase all of the jokes. >> you're telling me that it was jimmy fallon who was selling these jokes this whole time? do you want me to kill jimmy fallon? [ bell rings ] >> got leno making a cameo.
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"the daily show" kept a close eye on michele bachmann's visit to egypt. >> the entire middle east is a tinder box. the united states must take the greatest of care with our approach to this embattled and fragile region. >> representative michele bachmann, mr. gohmert and steve king were there and gave a press conference on egyptian tv. [ laughter ] >> please be a jimmy kimmel prank. please be a jimmy kimmel prank. please be a jimmy kimmel prank. nope, apparently they were on a diplomatic mission. >> my name is michele bachmann. i'm a member of the united states congress from the united states of america. [ laughter ] okay, they've only said one sentence and this is already the weirdest [ bleep ] thing i've seen on television. why is she talking like that? is she addressing an egyptian
2:55 am
kindergarten. >> now to mika for what's coming up next. >> i'll move right on. coming up on "morning joe" russia's rebuttal to president obama. vladimir putin writes an op-ed urging u.s. caution in syria. richard haass is on set to break it down and the new pope for a new generation, signs that the pope might be allowing catholic priests to marry. we'll talk about that. and later, billy crystal will stop by the set with his new book. that will be fun. also, james carville, steve schmidt, chuck todd, andrea mitchell. that's just to name a few, barnicle is here too. >> he's back. >> brian, back to you. >> thank you very much, mika. still ahead on "way too early." what movie would you like to remade entirely new in 3d? i love what we already have. get some more in there. #waytooclose and "morning joe" just moments away. see his bankig
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help me.
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>> no. >> imagine an alien coming out of sigourney we've stomach in 3d. a good choice thanks to otto. what other movies would you like to see? "jurassic park" will be redone. >> without question the best movie remade would be "the matrix" trilogy and i think a "2001 space odyssey" would be a blast. >> i love kubrick, 2001. you can't redo "dr. strangelove." we had tons of good answers. we had "indiana jones," we had a bunch of good ones so we appreciate that, but "the matrix" and "aliens" was the top two choices. that's it for "way too early." "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >> i say if obama really wanted
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to sell us syria, he should have taken a page from the people's selling us siri. because pushing the iphone and a war are a lot alike. you just say that the new one i. say the new one is smaller, faster and cheaper people will buy one. even though they got one and still paying off the previous model. all right. welcome to "morning joe." look at that beautiful shot of new york city. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, september 12. with us on set we have msnbc contributor mike barnacle. where have you been all my life? >> rehab. >> we have the president, at least he's honor northeast, president on foreign relations, richard haas. good to see you. and in washington, senior political editor for the "huffington post." so willie, i think we'll


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